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The secret behind the Bird Dog exercise. Although this exercise won't feel like it is doing a lot, it is actually working the small Multifidus Muscles. Why are these muscles important? The Multifidus plays a role in almost all back pain. I learned about how to work the Multifidus in an excellent book called “The Multifidus Back Pain Solution”. It was a recommended book from Amazon when I was ordering Stuart McGill's back injury book, “Low Back Disorders”. Warning: While we are trying to stabilize your spine...Avoid any back flexing movement or stretches that round the lower back. Don't do crunches, leg raises, or any stretches like this... You can't afford to round the back, coming back from a back injury. I don't have room to go into why this is the case. Stuart McGill does an excellent job explaining this. If you need to know exactly why to avoid this, then get his book...otherwise trust me and simply avoid these movements. You can thank me later! 42