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Honestly...you can get pretty darn decent abs with just planks if you get down to a low body fat level. Even with planks, you will need to take it easy if your back pain in bad enough. The idea is to reinforce good spinal alignment, by challenging the muscles when your spine is in a neutral position. Planks do this perfectly! We will also work the spinal muscles directly with gentle exercises. I wouldn't recommend jumping straight into hip bridges or back bridges if your spine is injured. You will need to reinforce and stabilize your spinal column for many months before being able to do these more aggressive exercises. The “Bird Dog” is a great exercise to stabilize the spinal column. It is pretty easy to do. Get on all four's and then raise your right arm forward and left leg back. Try to form a straight line with your legs, body, and arms. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the other arm. I used to do 5-10 reps per side about 3 times per week when I was coming back from my back injury. Planks + The “Bird Dog”...3 Times Per Week...for 3-6 Months. Be extra careful with the planks when you first start. Only hold the position for 20-30 seconds at first then slowly over a period of 4-6 weeks, work up to 2 minutes. As you get stronger add in side planks. Once they feel easy, simply do that “Beach Prep” workout as outlined. Make sure and follow that up with 5-10 minutes of “bird dogs”. 41