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amazing abs. The Thinking Behind This Workout: With this exercise we are increasing the intensity up a notch from Deep Abs Version 1. This won't seem like a big difference, but those hanging leg raise burnouts are going to make any ab exercise after that much more challenging. Instead of planks we are going to use the ab wheel. This becomes a tougher stabilization exercise than planks as you roll the wheel further and further away from you. Possible Tweaks: The foundation of this workout is the advanced feet-to-bar hanging leg raises with the hanging leg raise burnouts. You could simply do these and possibly a plank hold, then hip bridges. The Beach Prep Tweak So this is meant as an add-on to any of the other workouts outlined above. I discovered this a few years back before I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. In fact, because of a back injury...this was all I used with success. If you combine this with any of the other workouts you will most likely get the best abs of your life. This is to be done separate from your other ab workouts, every day, beginning 21 days before your vacation. We are going to train those abs to display a crazy amount of muscle tone, by training them with strong and frequent static holds contractions...every single day.  Front Plank Hold to Failure : You should be able to work well past 2 minutes with these.  Side Planks to Failure : Hold this on one side for as long as possible, rest one minute, then hit the other side to failure.  Shifting Endurance Planks :Go into a regular plank and hold for as long as possible. Once it gets tough, go straight into a right side plank and 38