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Possible Tweaks: Replace 2 of the lying leg raise workouts with hanging leg raises. For the hanging leg raises, just make sure the focus is on the bottom portion of the movement. If you raise your legs too high, the tension moves away from your lower abs to your upper ab region. Deep Abs Level 1 So to get really deep six pack abs, we are going to have to add in a little more of the exercises that flex the spine forward a bit. Since we are going to flex the spine forward, extra care needs to be taken to work hip bridges and back bridges. These can't be done as an afterthought.  Feet-to-the-Bar Bent Leg Raises : So we will do these 3 times per week. Aim for 5 total sets. Work your way up to 5 sets of 10 reps...this will take a while to reach this level.  Swinging Side to Side Bent Knee Ups : This is the burnout exercise that the golf pro taught me back in college. Do one set of these to failure. Just hold on to the bar and steadily swing your knees to the right...dip your knees back down towards the middle...then back up to the left.  Renegade Rows : 5 sets of 3 reps. Work your way up to some heavy dumbbells.  Planks : One static front plank hold for at least 2 minutes. This is going to hurt. If you are a sicko, you can work up to 3 minutes.  Hip or Back Bridges : Do these for at least 5 minutes as soon as your ab workout is done. Do these again sometime late in the day at home if possible. Tips: The feet to the bar bent leg raises can be done in a slow and steady manner or you can do more explosively. Only use explosive reps on this exercise if your back has been injury free. For the swinging side to side bent 35