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leg hanging leg raises. This will be done for 5 sets of 5 “slow” reps...3 times per week.  Renegade Rows : These will be done for 5 sets of 3 reps (per side). This will be done after hanging leg raises. The goal here will be to stat light and slowly add weight until you are using some pretty heavy dumbbells in this lift.  Ab Wheel Roll-Outs : So two times per week, you will want to do ab wheel roll-outs. You can get an ab wheel for $10-$15 at most sporting goods stores or online. The cheap ones are fine. From your knees, roll out the ab wheel one foot at a time...holding each position for 10 seconds...then roll back in one foot at a time. You aren't aiming for a certain amount of sets...simply do this for 10 minutes.  Hip Bridges : Done for 3-5 minutes to stretch out the abs, hip flexors, quads, etc. after each ab workout. Tips: Do the hanging leg raises for 5 slow reps, you don't want to do these at a fast speed just yet. Be careful with the ab wheel roll-outs, don't let your spine hyper-extend. The Thinking Behind This Workout: A skinny fat person needs intensity above everything else. They need to blitz the abs with the toughest exercises and save the detail stuff for later. This should be worked for 6 months minimum before moving on. After 6 months the former skinny fat person should have a much greater degree of muscle development in the abs and then choose a more specialized workout at that time. Possible Tweaks: Drop the ab wheel roll-outs. You could also do hanging leg raises 4 times per week about 4-6 weeks before you decide to change your workout up. This would result in over-training if done long-term...but will push a little more development if only done for a month. Also...if you feel strong enough, add in a few of the more advanced hanging leg raise variations. 33