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 Hip Bridges : These are to be done right after your final set of lying leg raises. Hold a hip bridge for a few minutes and simply push your hips higher and higher as your muscles relax.  Planks : Simply one plank hold to the front for 2 minutes and 1 minute on the left and right sides. Done two times per week. Tips: Do these at a high velocity to get a strong contraction each rep. Decrease rest in between sets as your strength improves. The Thinking Behind This Workout: The lying leg raises are mainly an ab stabilization exercise with just a bit of forward flex. Since it is a stability exercise, there is very little chance of in increase in size of the abdominal region. The hip bridges are thrown in afterward to improve posture and maintain back health. Possible Tweaks: Add in a 3 rd workout per week where you do hanging leg raises & renegade rows. This is exactly the workout I'm doing now. I do this lying leg raise workout on Monday and Friday with my girlfriend and I do an intense hanging leg raise workout and renegade rows on Wednesday. This works well for guys with a lot of experience and a strong mind-to-muscle link. It doesn't take as many sets to get a positive effect in the abs. The “Skinny Fat” Killer So there are a lot of men and women who are skinny and pudgy with very little definition at all. High intensity training is probably the key here. Most people who are skinny fat, simply don't push the intensity levels as high as needed for great definition.  Hanging Leg Raises : We need to go straight to the exercise with the biggest bang for the buck. Obviously most will need to progress from knee ups, to the bent leg version...but the goal is to work up to straight 32