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Instead of just outlining standard ab workouts to follow, I am going to present you with a bunch of workouts that both me and my workout partners have used over the years with outstanding results. I don't just want to lay the workouts out, I want to explain why we chose each exercise and set and rep scheme. The thinking behind each workout is where the value lies. Pick a routine and copy it at first...then tweak and customize. Every single person I know who is in outstanding shape, follows a winning formula based on solid principles...but then adjusts that formula over time...to create the ideal workout for their body. My ideal workout will be different than your ideal workout. It would probably be easier for me to take the easy route and just lay out a few specific routines for you. The problem with that is that I haven't given you any lasting value if I take that approach. My goal with this course is flexibility. This way you can use this an blueprint for many years to come, instead of just 3-6 months. Let's get to the workouts... The Flat Abs Workout This workout is perfect for women who want a nice bikini body without any chance of too much ab definition. It seems almost too simple, but works extremely well. Guys can use this workout to maintain the ab definition they already have.  Lying leg raises for 5 sets of 20 reps : This is done two times per week. It works best to do these right before your lifting session. This is easier than it sounds. The last two sets burn like crazy. 31