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Chapter 10 The Ab Development Blueprints So this workout is actually a “blueprint” with room for a lot of customization and the ability to add or substitute in different exercises. The main goal is to show you the proper rep ranges, rep speed, frequency, and exercise mix that will create outstanding abs. You will tweak this a bit to fit your exact goals. Women will want maximum development as well...which will result in a firm and flat stomach with just a “hint” of definition. So as you can see...this woman has firm flat abs, light ab definition, a lower ab “v”, etc. This requires just as much focus as a guy to get deep six pack abs...so the workouts will be the same. Note to the Women: If you do feel your abs are beginning to look too ripped, I'll show you what you need to avoid. It is very unlikely that this will happen, but I got you covered just in case. This is going to be presented in an unusual way. 30