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Chapter 8 Low Velocity VS High Velocity Training So usually people fall into one school of thought when it comes to training. There are those people who recommend that you do your reps slow to avoid using momentum...and there are people who believe that explosive training increases your ability to generate force in a lift. I believe in a mix of both high speed reps and slower and controlled reps. Slow rep speed (low velocity) benefits: Your muscles experience more time under tension when each rep is done in a slow and controlled manner. You also can increase the mind to muscle link when you have the ability to squeeze the muscle each rep. High time under tension contributes to muscle tone. High rep speed (high velocity) benefits: You can mimic the effects of lifting a heavier weight, because you must generate strong contractions for a high speed movement. You can experience maximum tension in a muscle without maximum weight...in a way that is different from doing the movement slowly. So I believe in a mix of time under tension (low velocity)...and faster high tension training (high velocity). This combo will give you much better results than training just one way or the other. I'll explain how the strategically mix these together once we reach the workout section. 27