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I like to perform bridges as static holds...much like planks. Typically I will lay down on an exercise mat and do a hip bridge where I push my hips up high. As time passes I slowly push higher and higher as my hip flexors get stretched and my back gets arched. I hold this for 3-4 minutes. After doing these, you will feel a bit taller! This may be the ultimate exercise for posture. It also stretched out tight hip flexors...which tend to be tight from doing leg raises, running, etc. Major warning: Before I read Stuart McGill's book on back injuries, I thought roman chair hyperextensions were making my lower back stronger. These actually further destabilize the spine because it flexes the spine forward toward the bottom of lift. If you are doing these...STOP! Note: There are several different versions of these roman chairs. I would recommend that you don't ever do these again. 26