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So how do we do an isometric exercise for the twisting function? Well...that is where renegade rows come in! When you are are rowing with the right arm, your body badly wants to twist to the right. Your obliques have to contract hard to insure that you don't twist at the waist. The heavier you go with these, the harder your abs and obliques have to contract to fight against this twist. This will increase definition over time...without adding size. They are pretty straight forward to perform (look at the picture on the previous page as a reference).       Set two dumbbells on the ground parallel to each other. Get in push up position while grabbing the dumbbell handles. Set your feet wider than shoulder width apart. Row one dumbbell up to your lower rib cage. Lower back down and transfer body weight to that arm. Row with the other arm. Tip: The key is the weight transfer from one arm to the other. This isn't a fast movement. Slowly raise the dumbbell, lower to the floor, the take a second to transfer the body weight to that arm as you pull up with the opposite arm. ...at first you will have to go pretty light. It may be uncomfortable on your hands and wrists at first. This is actually a HUGE side benefit. It will strengthen your hands over time and make exercises like bench presses feel lighter in your hands. As you are able to handle heavier weights with renegade rows, this strength will transfer over to many other lifts. 23