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Chapter 6 Renegade Rows Renegade Rows are an exercise you will rarely see being performed. It is too bad because these are an awesome exercise. This will transform your obliques and tighten up your waist, etc. Renegade Rows do several things.     Increase the density and muscle tone of your entire torso. Strengthen your hands to handle heavier weights. Strengthen your shoulders, chest, biceps, & triceps simultaneously. Make your spine more resistant to injury. Let me do my best to explain why renegade rows are such an effective exercise for the obliques. The obliques have two main functions. 1. To help bend the spine from side to side. 2. To twist the spine. Side planks are an isometric exercise for the first function of the obliques. The obliques are contracting hard resisting the side to side forces when we are doing side planks. Remember...we want to stick with isometric exercises to insure we don't add size to the obliques. 22