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Chapter 5 The Ab Wheel Once planks get easy, then you may want to add in the ab wheel. The ab wheel is great if used properly, but you are asking for back problems if you do this wrong. I have a friend who used to work for a chiropractor and a lot of patients came in as a result of the ab wheel (when an expensive version was being promoted on late night infomercials a few years back). The Ab Wheel can be used a few different ways.     From your knees or from a standing position. You can vary how far you roll out. For reps or for static holds. Spine neutral or spine flexed. I recommend that you do NOT do these from a standing position. The problem with doing these from your feet is that your spine gets flexed forward in such an extreme manner that you are asking for an injury. I prefer to use these for static hold over doing them for reps. My favorite technique involves rolling the wheel forward 6 inches at a time and holding each position for 10 seconds. Then once it gets extremely hard, work it back towards you 6 inches at a time. 20