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Here is another plank routine that works well. I call these “Shifting Endurance Planks” Go into a regular plank and hold for as long as possible. Once it gets tough, go straight into a right side plank and hold as long as possible. Once that gets tough roll back to the regular position and hold as long as possible. At that point roll to your left. The key is to maintain plank position as long as possible without your knees touching the floor. You are simply rolling from position to position until finally your core gives out. I worked up to 15 minutes before a vacation a few years back and it really tightened up my entire mid section. Planks don't damage the muscle as much as other ab exercises. You could actually do a planks workout almost every day since it is a static isometric hold. It doesn't tear down the muscle like exercises that involve moving through a range of motion. Although, you can train these often...3-4 times per week is plenty. Warning: Don't ever do those side bends where you hold a dumbbell in one arm and bend against resistance...this will build size to your oblique muscles. Bigger obliques aren't what you are aiming for. 19