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developed. Before doing planks my upper 4 abs were much more defined than the rest of my midsection. Another reason to do planks? Side planks tighten the obliques without adding size. Since all styles of planks are isometric in nature, they aren't going to build muscle. You want to do your best to avoid adding size to the obliques...instead you want to develop tight rock hard obliques...and side planks do the trick. Simply rest on your elbows as shown and hold for 1-2 minutes. Here's an easy Plank routine to do at home before bed. 1) I put my iPhone in stopwatch mode, then hit start and immediately go into regular plank position. 2) After 2 minutes, I hit “lap” and then do a side plank on my right side. 3) After 1 minute I hit lap and then do a plank on my left side. 4) After 1 minute on my left, I am done. Obviously you don't need an iPhone. I used to set the microwave timer for 3 minutes and just kept an eye on it. Works just as well. 18