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So me and my college buddy were introduced to a special version of hanging leg raise by a Golf Pro. This guy has the best abs I have ever seen (even to this day). I call these...“Swinging Side to Side Bent Knee Ups”  Raise your knee higher than your hips while moving both knees to the right side of your body.  Lower your knee while moving your knees back to your center. Dip them down lower than your hips (but not all the way down).  Move your legs to your left as you raise them to higher than your hips. Tip: Follow this arc in a smooth manner (back and forth without pausing). Keep your body facing and head facing forward. Do this as a burnout exercise to failure. Go as long as possible until you can't do these anymore. This really develops the “V” where the hips and lower abs meet. This also develops the obliques and other muscles that “frame” the abs. 16