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intense version of bent leg raises. Instead of stopping where your legs are at 90 degrees and your feet are directly in front of your hips...lean back a little and keep raising your feet until they touch the bar. I don't recommend doing these with straight legs unless you have amazing flexibility. Me and my workout buddy did these with our knees bent at 90 degrees and it still worked the heck out of abs. Feet-to-the-Bar Bent Leg Raises (Advanced) Here the difference is that you go all the way up to where your feet touch the bar...but you only go as low as the mid point. So you are essentially starting at the finishing portion of a regular hanging bent leg raise. This doesn't give your abs any chance to recover, because you are working the “flexing” function pretty darn hard. To make these even tougher, use that “quick reverse” technique I explained for lying leg raises. As soon as your feet are directly in front of your hips, do a quick reverse and get your feet up back to the bar. Warning: These feet-to-the-bar hanging leg raises are especially tough on the spine. I would only recommend doing these 1-2 times per week max...and be sure to follow up this exercise with either “hip bridges” or “back bridges”. The Golf Pro “Hit Every Angle” Hanging Leg Raise 15