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Here is a tip that will ensure that they blast your lower abs: Do these at a slightly faster tempo than you are accustomed to doing ab exercises. The focus should be on “reversing” the movement at the bottom. Do this quickly, without touching your heals to the ground or resting. Then, as you get stronger purposely accelerate your legs and the way down and aim for an even faster “reverse”. Done properly this is like explosive lifting, but for your lower abs. The repeated strong contractions are going to carve the heck out of your lower abs. The fast reverse requires serious lower ab stabilization. Lying leg raises are great at devoping the muscle that separates the legs with the lower abs. Many people call this the “v” muscle. This looks great on both men and women, but obviously it will be more pronounced on guys. Hanging leg raises will work this as well, but lying leg raises target it better. Note: I would NOT recommend working lying and hanging leg raises on the same day. I will talk more about workout setup as well as rep tempo later. 11