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Chapter 2 Lying Leg Raises Lying leg raises are simply doing leg raises while lying on a floor mat. Many people consider these to be a beginner exercise (compared to the hanging leg raise), but I'll explain why this is a narrow view of this exercise. The one advantage that lying leg raises has over hanging leg raises is this...the toughest point happens right as soon as your legs leave the floor. As you lift your legs to 90 degrees, the resistance lessens. Once you reach 90 degrees, where the legs are above your hips...there is very little resistance at all. This is a completely different effect than hanging leg raises. With hanging leg raises the least resistance happens as soon as you begin to lift your legs forward. The most resistance happens when your legs reach the 90 degree mark. This makes lying leg raises perfect for low ab specialization. You will have the ability to do higher reps with lying leg raises. I find that working your way up to 5 sets of 20 reps is a way to get the most out of these. 10