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Thing about it. Almost everybody you see in the gym working their abs is simply doing situp or crunch style ab exercises. Your body is completely accustomed to the stimulus that sit ups and crunches produce. The problem is that doing more of this type of ab exercise...even with more resistance...will just improve the abs slightly. Various leg raises, however, are a shock to the system! Your body has been doing situp type movements all of your life. Every day when you get up out of bed. In fact going from a sitting to standing position uses a similar motion. Even an untrained person is close to their situp potential. I'm not saying that a beginner is as strong as a veteran when it comes to situps. I am saying that a lot more stimulus in this movement isn't going to make a huge impact on ab development. Improving in leg raises will cause the biggest impact on ab development. It will take years for you to become an expert at leg raises. By the time leg raises are as easy as crunching movements for you, your abs will most likely be sharper than just about anyone you come in contact with. Leg raises are much tougher than situps or crunching type movements. Most people will simply not stick with them. Most people will do them as an afterthought. Those who master this exercise will have ab density and definition at a level others can't touch. In fact, I've never met a person who was strong at leg raises with average looking abs. Mastering the leg raise delivers great abs every time! 9