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Chapter 1 An Introduction to Leg Raises So let's talk about this ab diagram: The Rectus Abdominis is the muscle you see when you are looking at 6 pack abs. It is actually one big muscle, and it simply has the illusion of being a bunch of separate muscles. This illusion is caused by the tendons which criss cross the Rectus Abdominus. (I'll refer to other parts of this diagram later). The 2 main functions of this big ab muscle. 1. To stabilize during rotation of the upper and lower trunk. 2. Flexes the spine forward. Both stabilizing and forward flexing of the spine is important in optimal ab development. Let's first talk about flexing of the spine. Forward flexing of the spine can be done from focusing on the upper torso...or it can be done originating from the lower body. The majority of people are “upper torso” focused. 8