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So Why Aren't We Seeing More Six Pack Abs? ...I've had a gym membership since 1987 (yes I feel old). Anyway, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt why very few people have great looking abs. 1. Most of the people who focus on intense workouts, don't focus enough on creating a calorie deficit (through diet and calorie burning exercise). 2. The people who do focus on calorie deficit, typically don't train with enough intensity to develop ab density. 3. When people work abs they do a lot of low quality exercises...instead of a laser focused attack on the best ab exercises. I see a lot of various versions of crunches. Crunches on the floor, Swiss Ball crunches, cable crunches, Nautilus machine crunches, etc. The only time I would recommend crunches? Possibly to a beginner for 3-4 weeks. This would only be to help them “feel their abs” when training. Once they got the feel down, we would move on and never look back. What about weighted crunches? Honestly, this will slowly destabilize and wear away at your back. It is also very likely to give you that “hunched forward” posture. Not only that, they don't work the abs even close to effectively as leg raises. So lets talk about leg raises... 7