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You could have the deepest most dense abs in the world. If you aren't lean it won't matter. So insure you create a calorie deficit through diet and exercise until you get lean. You can do this while simultaneously working this program. With low enough body fat...even average ab muscles look decent. So Low Body Fat, goes a long way in revealing amazing ab definition. ...but getting razor sharp abs takes a little more effort. Plus when you develop your ab muscles properly, you won't have to reach this low of body fat to display great ab definition. Those contestants on Survivor don't hold that low body fat for long. Within a few weeks of being done with the show they quickly put on a lot of the body fat that they lost on the show. That ab definition is gone. Ab Density helps you reveal ab definition with more fat on your body. It is tough to maintain ultra-low levels of body fat year round. Almost every guy will have great looking abs at 6% body fat. For women it will be around 12%. The problem is that it takes hardcore discipline to stay towards those lower ranges. [It can be fun to reach low body fat for events like vacations.] 6