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Chapter 07: Hip Bridges and Back Bridges Why you should include bridging after every ab workout. This is crucial for spine health. 24 <----------Part 2 - The Workout Variables----------> Chapter 08: Low Velocity vs High Velocity Training When to use slow reps, when to speed up the tempo, and when to use explosive reps to increase tension. 27 Chapter 09: Low Reps vs High Reps When it makes sense to use high reps for an ab exercise and when it makes sense to use low reps. 28 Chapter 10: The Ab Development Blueprints 6 specific routines that work especially well for getting a tight and defined midsection. 30 Chapter 11: Working Around a Back Injury How to work your abs with an injured back. What exercises to avoid at all costs. 40 Chapter 12: Great Abs for Life What you will need to do to improve as you age, instead of “getting old” like most people. 43 4