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Table of Contents Introduction: Why So Few People Have 6 Packs Abs. What 23 years in the gym has taught me about what it takes to have head turning abs...and why so few ever get there. 5 <-----------Part 1 - The Exercises----------> Chapter 01: An Introduction to Leg Raises I will explain why I'm convinced that working the abs using your legs as resistance is the best approach to take. 8 Chapter 02: Lying Leg Raises Although many consider this to be a beginner exercise, I will show you why it works the lower abs especially well. 10 Chapter 03: Hanging Leg Raises How to slowly work up from hanging knee ups, all the way to more advanced versions of hanging leg raises. 12 Chapter 04: Planks The perfect ab exercise to ensure even ab development from top to bottom as well as reinforce good posture. 16 Chapter 05: The Ab Wheel A harder stabilization exercise than the plank. Effective if done right, damaging if done wrong! 20 Chapter 06: Renegade Rows This exercise tightens the heck out of your obliques and the muscles that “frame” your abs. 22 3