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The Testosterone Report So there is scientific evidence that support that aspartame is not so harmless to our beloved hormone, and that I was not misguided with my early suspicions about the damn toxin messing up with the testosterone creation mechanism in its very same starting point. I decided to drop every gram of aspartame just because it’s a toxin, but this added weight to my quest for recovery. So goodbye forever guilty pleasures, it was not nice to know you… bastards. I tossed completely diet sodas and chewing gum, I was going to be my own study subject, and two or three weeks after dropping aspartame the results turbocharged. I awoke some mornings with a gigantic tent in my sheets (well, you are a man, you know I had to say that at one point or another, and no, it’s not gigantic at all, but it was alive and kicking, again), my penis seem larger and healthy again when resting, instead of shy and retracted, and my mood, my drive, my focus multiplied again fueled by the change of lifestyle and the absence of excitotoxins. I was consuming a good aspartame daily for years (I even noted other side effects sometimes, like constant sweet sensation in my mouth, that altered how other food tasted, but I never gave it credit for anything, much less testosterone problems) and I can feel that I’m not fully recovered yet, but I know one thing, dropping aspartame was a multiplier to all of this. If you don’t mess with aspartame you have been smarter than me, if so, try for yourself, I don’t especially want to be sued by some sweetener corporation so I just say: “try and you will see”. And (for the first time in this pages I’m going to ask that) trust me, I know that I’m not the only one that after quitting started recovering his manhood. My body, turbocharged by what’s in these pages and without that sneaky saboteur, is going at it again, because he is wise even when I’m an idiot. DOWNLOAD COMPLETE PROGRAM: 33