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The Testosterone Report As men we can think that our brain is not a deadly target, if you take a look it’s clear that we don’t tend to use it very much, so we may think that this issue (and zombie outbreaks) are not a serious threat for males, but seriously, it can be a real problem. If you go to the studies many of them conclude that aspartame is safe, well, better said, aspartame is not safe, is a toxin, we know that, but our “normal” daily dosage seem harmless. In fact some controversy sparked in the Internet, aspartame was venom and it was regarded as a hoax but so much noise was made that a new study chimed in to stop the controversy and saying that even large dosages of aspartame were safe 34 . Well, this was becoming confusing but it seemed that there was no reason to worry (you know even when aspartame is clearly a toxin, but it seems ok to put that in ourselves), then I read this at the end of the press release of the study I’ve just referenced. “The study was conducted at MIT's CRC. Electro-encephalograms were done at the Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. This work was supported by a grant from the NutraSweet Co. to the Center for Brain Sciences and Metabolism Charitable Trust.” Wait. What? Nutrasweet? I’n not american so I did not recognize the name at first, but it didn’t sound very independent, then I saw that Nutrasweet makes aspartame, but you know, you can not question the business ethics of a multimillion dollar company right? I used again the rolled magazine and I decided to know more. One of the main points in its defense is that the blood barrier protects our beloved brain from the excess of neurotoxins like aspartate and glutamate, if they pass they can kill certain neurons, allowing too much calcium into the cells if the reach them, but, supposedly, they don’t pass. So we eat toxins, but our brain is protected. Fair enough, because that’s true (at least to a point), our bodies are wise even when we are idiots, but take a look at this: Small children don’t have the barrier fully developed (at least they advice against sugar-free stuff and children, in a very little font size, of course), some conditions can damage the barrier (mmmh, not good), some physicians I read said that it does not fully protect against all the glutamate or aspartate (damn, I don’t know if it’s entirely true, but this seems fishy) and, above all, one thing we know for certain is that not every part of our brain is protected by the blood barrier… What? What parts? 34 Aspartame: neuropsychologic and neurophysiologic evaluation of acute and chronic effects. PA Spiers, L Sabounjian, A Reiner, DK Myers, J Wurtman and DL Schomer 31