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The Testosterone Report So what kind of exercise will rise the hormone? Well, this is not an easy question, studies have shown that weight lifting (resistance training, pumping iron or whatever you want to call it) increases testosterone 33 , WHEN done in a certain way (acute and heavy) which promotes muscle building, due to the presence of more testosterone. We saw previously how resistance training and high fat meant higher levels of T too. So we are going to lift heavy (but not too heavy) weights and, above all, we will need long recovery periods, because overtraining is going to cause lower levels of testosterone and higher levels of cortisol (as we saw cortisol is one of the antagonists of testosterone, so resting is critical). Resistance training, but not often and with long periods of resting, does not sound too bad and it will make wonders for our physical appearance, bone density and aging. Because many testosterone problems come from aging chances are that many of you reading this are middle-aged men. Resistance training will take away years from your appearance and will improve posture. I’m not an expert in sports and I’m not a role model, by far, I practice Mixed Martial Arts (amateur and without dreams of fighting in a cage, I’m old, the less violent person you will ever meet and I don’t like violence, paradoxical I know) and I lift weights twice a week (a brief session with compound movements that engage many muscles) but I don’t want to be a bodybuilder and they are complementary exercises to condition myself for my sport, they gave me a much better image when combined with diet, but I’m not a fitness model and I don’t want to be one. Besides that I do, once a week (maybe two), high intensity interval training, which is (too) very useful for my practice. If you want to lose waist inches “traditional cardio” is not the most optimal way, look instead for interval training and intensity (I searched the calories and cookie thing in the Internet, do the same with this). Brief intense exercise (like sprinting) with long recovery times (that will depend on your age, etc.) are the best way. Do you want the best thing possible? I can not recommend enough the book “Body by science” by Doug McGuff, buy it, follow what it says and you will be optimizing everything. By the way, as you imagine, the book goes contrary to “traditional wisdom” and almost everything you knew about exercise, but if you are still reading this (and you didn’t print it only to be able to burn it) you will be thinking that, as Mark Twain would say: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”. 33 Loebel, C.C., and W.J. Kraemer. A brief review: Testosterone and resistance training in men. J.Strength and Cond.Res. 12(1):57-63. 1998 29