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The Testosterone Report If we are too skinny or we can draw the world map in our bellies, chances are our testosterone levels are low 29 . Staying in your weight and some types of training and exercise will boost your testosterone as we will see, meanwhile eating the wrong foods and staying trapped in the sofa contributes to our castration, so the first thing we have to know is that we got to get fit, but before you go to the treadmill, keep reading please. Lifestyle 3: the right kind of exercise to optimize testosterone If we want our testosterone back we got to move, what means exercise, but stop lacing your running shoes and hear me a little more, because the exercise you are probably thinking about won’t get your testosterone back, on the contrary. Running forever will lower your testosterone 30 , distance runners show significantly lower levels of T… there are more studies regarding the issue 31 and I can see a sigh of relief in many of you that, like me, find the treadmill so boring and time consuming that you want to kick it when you see it We want to lose body fat because, as we know, it hinders our testosterone, well, traditional “cardio” or endless jogging is not the most optimal way 32 (I reference only one of the countless studies) for many it will destroy the joints and lower the testosterone before it touches the fat. If we want to lose fat we must understand that diet and hormonal balance will have much greater effect than exercise and, above all, much greater effect than running or traditional “cardio” (jogging, cycling, etc.) I mean, for me (about 145 pounds) twenty minutes of jogging can burn about 130 Kcal (yes, I searched that on Internet), I can recover that eating one single cookie! So if I had to lose fat with “cardio” I should jog until everybody around me speaks chinese. 29 Mood changes, body mass index and bioavailable testosterone in healthy men: results of the Androx Vienna Municipality Study. Kratzik CW, Schatzl G, Lackner JE, Lunglmayr G, Brandstätter N, Rücklinger E, Huber J. 30 Reduced Serum Testosterone and Prolactin Levels in Male Distance Runners. Garry D. Wheeler, MS; Stephen R. Wall, MA; Angelo N. Belcastro, PhD;David C. Cumming, MB, ChB 31 Testosterone Is Significantly Reduced in Endurance Athletes without Impact on Bone Mineral Density L. Maïmouna,b, S. Lumbrosoc, J. Manettad, F. Parisc, J.L. Lerouxe, C. Sultanc 32 King, J., Panton, L., Broeder, C., Browder, K., Quindry, J., & Rhea, L. (2001). A comparison of high intensity vs. low intensity exercise on body composition in overweight women. Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, 33, A2421 28