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The Testosterone Report we want to be like testosterone driven warriors hunters, we must eat like them, and leave donuts out of the equation. Lifestyle 1: stress and rest Do you remember another friend of us called cortisol? Of course you remember, it appeared in the alcohol section. When we are stressed our body releases that hormone in order to cope with hard times. Cortisol is made in the adrenal glands (where some of testosterone is made too). When cortisol rises due to a stressful situation, testosterone lowers, and when the situation returns to normal our hormone levels do the same thing. Our body is really wise, if we are running from that predator, or getting ready for battle, chances are we are not very worried (for some nanoseconds at least) about sleeping with our neighbor’s daughter. When we climb the tree and the lion gets bored, or we get back victorious from the field of battle, then cortisol leaves the spotlight and here it comes our beloved testosterone again, our body knows it’s time to return to normalcy because she is impressed by our physical prowess, hiding from the enemy behind every allied warrior we found. But you know how modern life is, lions don’t interrupt us so frequently any more when we are sitting in the throne every morning… But our jobs suck, our bosses are dumb, other drivers are idiots, we are bombarded (i.e. Brainwashed) by depressing “information”, the economy is a bitch and we live in a hurry. Constantly. We are conquering more physical maladies than ever but mental illnesses are our new insufferable roommates. Everyone is stressed all the time, and what does it means? Cortisol levels are way up baby, what means that testosterone levels are down when we are stressed or mentally drained. So our new task in our lifestyle is lowering cortisol. And it means RELAX. To do that the first thing we need is sleeping enough, sound and well. Getting enough rest is critical for our testosterone, because it’s mainly made at night, so better we don’t mess with that in order to keep our morning glories. 26