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The Testosterone Report We need energy and if we don’t take it from carbs we will take it from fat, and because high fats will improve testosterone, you will be a “burn-fat-build-muscle” machine, instead of getting fat and depressed because you don’t even eat real food, you crave sugar constantly and your love handles still say good morning (with a mocking tone) every day. 5.- Milk (whole), butter, nuts, other dairy products and olive oil (virgin) will help to our cause of high fats and needed vitamins, but don’t go overboard here, I think common sense is the approach and you won’t eat sticks of butter as you main dish right? Right? Ok. I thought so. 6.- Everything is better when grass-fed (well, fish… I don’t think so), but if not, don’t sweat it too much, you will be better with non grass-fed than with refined carbs. 7.- Olive oil (virgin) being the exception (and because I’m mediterranean and yes, maybe I’m biased), better if you don’t use vegetable oils, in order to maintain the Polyunsaturaded / saturated ratio. Especially don’t fry the oil. 8.- Garlic will help, use it to cook. My brother used to eat it raw years ago when he read something about how much healthy it was, I could smell him from miles away and pointing my nose in the right direction I knew beforehand when he was coming to visit, I thought I became Daredevil, then I was disappointed while sewing my costume, what a downer. 9.- Some fruit is ok here and there but don’t go overboard too (I know, it sounds strange) so don’t go “all fruit all the time”, that will make no good, because, in the end, it is sugar with water (and yes, vitamins and antioxidants, that’s because some fruit is ok and sweets are not), it depends very much on the fruit, but berries must be your preferred choice, if it’s season, eat as much as you want. 10.- Cod liver oil is a heaven-sent food, and maybe you will need to supplement with zinc if necessary. 11.- Alcohol is as out as you can, especially beer, and especially binge drinking. You can cut your veins now. 12.- Cheat once a week or once in a while (but try your best with excessive drinking). You know, life is there to enjoy it, a friend’s mother bakes a chocolate cake that must be what they serve in heaven (without the insulin spike) and it will not kill us, on the contrary. If you are on holidays with your family or it’s your birthday, my opinion is “don’t be a diet fundamentalist” (and a downer). You will eat healthy most of the time, so you can afford some cheating, you deserve it and it won’t mess with you because it will be an exception, not the usual thing. But remember, make it an exception. If you take a look you will see a diet that has it all (but grains) as the main components, and everything is natural, not coming from a box with a trillion of conservatives, it’s real natural food, in fact is what a hunter-gatherer or ancient caveman and warriors probably ate, and it’s no coincidence again that, if 25