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The Testosterone Report Garlic has been shown to increase testosterone levels in testicles and decrease cortisol levels 25 (two birds with one piece of garlic) at least with a high protein diet, a kind of diet that you will probably have when, along with tons of veggies, you will eat your eggs, meat, fish and dairy. Garlic is so healthy that there are supplements that contain allicin (its main healthy component), if you can’t stand the taste (i love it when it’s used to cook) or if it’s not easy on your stomach (too much for me is not a good thing) go that route, my philosophy tends to be “eat the damn food instead of the strange pill”, we tend to make simple things very complicated but I believe in freedom, so do what works for you, ok, cod liver oil can be the exception, I tried once to taste it directly and even that wasn’t so bad, it tasted… like fish oil (amazing discovery I know)… but I prefer to swallow the capsule. Diet 6: alcohol and testosterone Ok, you were expecting it, and probably it’s going to be painful for you, so I’ll make it as short as I can. If you are a man alcohol probably is one of your best buddies, but our jealous testosterone does not like it as much as we do. Too much alcohol means low testosterone and elevated cortisol 26 , that’s a fact so we are not lucky, binge drinking or chronic drinking must be out for good. But there are some studies that saw an increase of testosterone with LOW doses of alcohol 27 , I highlighted the low part because we, men, have problems sizing things, low does not mean “only one” bottle of Jack Daniels. Ok, so maybe you are thinking it’s not so painful, it’s even good, let’s celebrate in a bar, because moderate drinking does not seem so bad, but here is the worst part. Beer should be out, probably it won’t because it should. I can see you looking for your gun, but don’t kill the messenger. Hops, the main ingredient in beer, is a highly estrogenic food. 25 Garlic Supplementation Increases Testicular Testosterone and Decreases Plasma Corticosterone in Rats Fed a High Protein Diet. Yuriko Oi1, Mika Imafuku, Chiaki Shishido, Yutaka Kominato*, Syoji Nishimura* and Kazuo Iwai. Laboratory of Nutrition Chemistry, Faculty of Home Economics, Kobe Womenʼs University, Suma-ku, Kobe 654-8585, Japan and; * ; Riken Chemical Industry Limited Company, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8404, Japan 26 EFFECTS OF ACUTE ALCOHOL INTOXICATION ON PITUITARY-GONADAL AXIS HORMONES, PITUITARY-ADRENAL AXIS HORMONES, {beta}-ENDORPHIN AND PROLACTIN IN HUMAN ADULTS OF BOTH SEXES - Frias et al. 37 (2): 169 - Alcohol and Alcoholism. Alcalc.oxfordjournals.org. doi:10.1093/ alcalc/37.2.169. Retrieved 2009-10-15. 27 Testosterone Increases in Men After a Low Dose of Alcohol. Taisto Sarkola, C. J. Peter Eriksson 23