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The Testosterone Report That has so high vitamin A and D levels that is ridiculous. The taste is so horrible that you will find it in gel capsules so you can take it. One of those capsules (415mg of cod liver oil) gives you 47% of daily recommended intake of vitamin A and 68% of vitamin D. Personally I take a couple daily, but remember, get tested, don’t go overboard, etc. I’m not you. Of course those fats in the cod liver oil help our cause too. Vitamin K This a is an almost unknown letter when talking about vitamins, but when you are bleeding and you need to stop it, your bones are not what they used to, or your skin starts to turn inelastic and old, vitamin K is playing a role there, or better said, depletion of vitamin K is playing the role, mainly because of aging, that finds thousands of annoying ways to mess with us. The thing is that when vitamin K leaves the station, our dear testosterone loves her so much that she runs after the train and you can’t find her until normal levels of vitamin K are restored 24 . We can’t make vitamin K, so we must take it from food. What food? Don’t worry you won’t grow a biblical grocery list nor you will have to remember a lot of strange names, the good thing is that if you work the basics in your diet you will have the main points covered. Green leafy vegetables are the main sources, and you should have them as a cornerstone of your testosterone diet, so you are covered, especially if you took seriously the cruciferous vegetables part (a.k.a freaking broccoli attacks again). Kale, brussels sprouts, spinach, collards, turnips, lettuce… if you see something really green chances are vitamin K is present. Parsley (über present in mediterranean cuisine) is so loaded with vitamin K that two tablespoons contain 153% of the recommended daily intake… and it will help with our bad breath too, that is probably our real reason (and not testosterone) of not getting chicks. Garlic What? Now garlic is a vitamine? Are you drunk again even when you are going to talk about alcohol and testosterone? Nope and almost nope, but these are my pages, I could not find a better section to put it, and I think it fits well with parsley and bad breath (because I like childish humor) and it will highlight more the need of parsley (and brushing teeth). 24 Vitamin K deficiency reduces testosterone production in the testis through down-regulation of the Cyp11a a cholesterol side chain cleavage enzyme in rats. Hitoshi Shirakawaa, Yusuke Ohsakia, 1, Yoshihiko Minegishia, Naofumi Takumia, Kousaku Ohinataa, Yuji Furukawaa, Takeo Mizutanib and Michio Komaia 22