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The Testosterone Report This means: meat, fish, eggs… Yes, they are telling us that bacon and ribs are going to make us fat and ultimately kill us, but not only they won’t (if we don’t only eat that and remove sugar and carbs from the equation, because meat or fish don’t spike insulin due to the absence of carbs in them) they are the main dietary key to testosterone. Diet 5: the vitamin connection Next stop in our testosterone journey are vitamins, they have a powerful role in our testosterone production so if we are deficient in those vitamins our testosterone will suffer, BUT, as it happens with almost everything, an excessive amount will have awful effects too, so, for the benefit of those who don’t listen very much I’ll say it once again, get tested, consult a physician and don’t get overboard. If you read that vitamin A has a positive testosterone effect don’t load yourself with tons of it because you will mess with the very problem you want to solve, besides other very nasty effects. Balance is the key in every step, so that being said, these are the vitamins that we must take care of: Vitamin A We start here because, you know, it’s the first letter and I’m not very original. scientific studies have shown that if you don’t have enough of this vitamin your testosterone will decrease and, after that, your accessory sex organs will atrophy 19 . Raise hands if you want that, no one? Good, I thought so. Another study saw significant correlation between testosterone glucuronide and vitamin A 20 (and by the way, the same study saw correlation between fat intake and testosterone, another one that says the same…) Bottom line. Our diets must secure enough quantity of this vitamin. What foods have it? Whole milk, eggs, liver, dairy products like butter… Old school bodybuilders used them as the backbone of their diets, and with good reasons because the vitamins, cholesterol and animal fats made them natural anabolic foods. Bad news: if you are fully into the low fat nonsense you are cutting lots of vitamin A. 19 Regulation and perturbation of testicular functions by vitamin A. G Livera, V Rouiller-Fabre, C Pairault, C Levacher, and R Habert. Society for Reproduction and Fertility 20 Bishop, D. T., Meikle, A. W., Slattery, M. L., Stringham, J. D., Ford, M. H., West, D. W., Borecki, I. B. and Rao, D. C. (1988), The effect of nutritional factors on sex hormone levels in male twins. Genetic Epidemiology, 5: 43–59. doi: 10.1002/gepi.1370050105 20