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The Testosterone Report Sounds familiar? If so, maybe it’s time to challenge what we have been told. 2) I had the epiphany that hormones play the key role in getting fat (and depressed, depleted of energy, etc.) or getting ripped (and focused, motivated and with enough energy to light a city). We will get more results optimizing hormones than counting calories. In fact hormones rule almost everything, and if you doubt their power think about your girlfriend in “those days”, where hormones are in a viking party… (we, men, would be worse than our girls in that situation, so don’t laugh, I’m sure of that because look how grumpy and insufferable we become during our andropause in our old age) But the thing here is: “Eat fat and you will get fat” is one of the most misguided and awful diet advices ever. Eat fat with sugar and you are trapped in your worst nightmare, because your insulin rises and the body follows the “store fat” command, meanwhile your testosterone (a “fat burning - muscle building” hormone) and other fat burning hormones plummet, so the sugar gets stored as fat, the fat gets stored as fat, and previous fat won’t move from its warm place in your love handles because, obviously, it’s not needed. See how good is the burger (fat) + chips (carbs+awful fat) + soda (worst kind of sugar) combo? You can not get hit harder. But if insulin release is controlled, lowering the insane amount of carbs we ingest nowadays (I don’t think we are made to eat so much sugar, which is a relatively “modern” invention in human evolution when agricultural societies appeared) and testosterone is high, guess what? Our body is in “fat burn - build muscle” mode. If you combine that with an active lifestyle you will burn fat like a champion (the fat you eat and the fat you stored in your previous “sweet” days), packing muscle in the process IF you combine that with resistance training. I trashed every industrial food loaded with sugar, started to buy and cook real natural food, like fresh meat, fish, tons of veggies, some nuts, etc. lowered my carbs and grains, started to get more energy from fat (to compensate the carbs and calories cut) and my body literally changed. Not only I could see my abs for the first time in my life (nothing fancy, but I didn’t even tried) but an ex- girlfriend of mine that came to visit commented, out of the blue, how my body had “changed” (last time she saw me was a mere month before) and not because I packed a little bit more of muscle (I increased a bit my resistance training, because it’s another necessary piece of the puzzle as we will see), but because my entire physiognomy changed, I weighted the same and I was still thin to the eye, but I seemed “more masculine” in her own words, she could not pinpoint one thing, but I was different. Oh, and my energy levels? Through the roof. In my mid thirties I have more than ever and, for example, I can see how I’m climbing the ladder in my mixed martial arts training, where I’m faring better than ever in the “cardio” department, and there are a lot of people in their twenties (of course that’s too because I combine diet AND training). 18