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The Testosterone Report Another study 14 with 30 healthy male volunteers. They had a diet which supplied 40% of energy as fat (mainly from animal sources) and was replaced, for a 6 weeks period, by a lower fat diet (25% of energy came from fats) with same calories and other environmental factors stabilized. Result? 15% drop in total testosterone with corresponding drops in free T and androstenedione. One more 15 , where they studied Testosterone, resistance training (other critical component as we will see) and diet. They concluded not only that diet influences T levels, but Fat and testosterone were positively correlated. And here comes another 16 . They put men on a high-fat diet (about 50% of calories from fat) for 2 weeks. After that, they switched to a low-fat diet (more or less 10% percent fat, a heaven for modern health preachers) for 2 weeks too. Their free testosterone (remember, the precious T we want) dropped 21% on the low-fat diet. Whooping achievement… I’m going to stop because this is getting boring. Bottom line is: step one: eat sugar, carbs, fiber and go low fat, step two: wave goodbye to your manliness, energy and youth. Step three: congratulations, you are “healthy” (and yes, that was sarcasm). I can see you, you are gathering wood in the town square to burn me next to that weird medieval witch, because not only I want you to die from heart attack before your 40th birthday, but you are afraid to grow a big gut and screw your efforts to get fit (a condition that, we saw, is key to testosterone). Well, remember the golden rule here: think for yourself, if it works for you keep doing it and, above all, do what you want, please. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned, and above all, what I’ve lived, and I can say for certain that after my own experience: 1) I failed miserably in all my goals (testosterone included) when I got into a low fat - eat carbs lifestyle. Not only I was stuck with artificial food that tasted like paper with cotton but I had the lowest energy levels of my life and a less than manly body, I was one of those “skinny fat” guys. I seemed skinny on the outside but my muscles were nothing to write home (even when I trained). If you grabbed my gut you could pinch a good bunch of stubborn fat that refused to leave since I was a teenager. Seeing how many people eat less, eat low fat, rise a crucifix when they see things like meat or whole milk, and they never get to their desired body… You can see that something does not fit here here (especially when their strategy against failure is being even more extremists with fats and the situation becomes worse). 14 Hamalainen E, Adlercreutz H, Puska P, Pietinen P. "Diet and serum sex hormones in healthy men." J Steroid Biochem. 1984 Jan;20(1):459-64. PMID: 6538617. 15 Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise JEFF S. VOLEK,1,2 WILLIAM J. KRAEMER,1,2,3,4 JILL A. BUSH,1,2 THOMAS INCLEDON,1,2 AND MARK BOETES1,2 16 Schuler, Lou. The Testosterone Advantage Plan. Rodale: USA, 2002. 17