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The Testosterone Report You can find trans fats in pastries and cakes, french fries (depending on the oil), doughnuts, cookies / biscuits, margarine, fried chicken, crackers, potato chips, and lots of industrial food. If you followed the first recommendation and tossed out what comes in a box or bag you are relatively safe (you will have to be smart when eating out, especially when eating at fast food restaurants), but look for the words hydrogenated, or partial hydrogenated, in the labels. If you see them, slowly leave the product in the shelf and back away calmly without giving the back to the bastard. In time I suppose they will disappear, but I would not hold my breath. Diet 4: eat more fat If we want to optimize testosterone we need a high fat diet. I know, I know, fat and cholesterol kicked Satan and are now the rulers of Hell and the archenemies of humanity, at least it’s what they tell us every time in the news. Fat will make us fat and our arteries will be clogged by cholesterol… two of the most misguided dietary tips, ever. The discussion can be endless about this, we are so bombarded by cholesterol lowering slogans and low fat products that is ridiculous, and if you don’t go with the flow you are officially declared an idiot by society, you will die tomorrow killed by your buddy “the fat” and maybe you will be charged with sedition, if you survive long enough. But as we know too, obesity and diabetes are king and queen nowadays, even when we try to cut fat like if it’s the lovechild of Hitler and Stalin, so maybe it’s not so clear after all... This is not a paper about weight loss, so I won’t even try because I’d had to write several volumes, this is about optimizing testosterone and adhering to scientific study after scientific study that confirm that high fat diets correlate with higher levels of testosterone. I reference only some of them. In a 2005 study 13 , 39 healthy men between 50 and 60 years were studied while they were consuming their usual high fat, low fiber diet and after 8 weeks they changed to a low fat, high fiber diet (same calories ingested and a “perfect” diet if you ask many “health” gurus). The results of the dietary change were a reduction in total T and free T and some of the T-precursors (12% consistent lowering of circulating androgens levels without changing the clearance). 13 Wang C, Catlin DH, Starcevic B, Heber D, Ambler C, Berman N, Lucas G, Leung A, Schramm K, Lee PW, Hull L, Swerdloff RS. "Low Fat High Fiber Diet Decreased Serum and Urine Androgens in Men." J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2005 Mar 1. PMID: 15741266. 16