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The Testosterone Report Remember that when our bodies need one of the hormones we are talking about, they tend to shut down the others? Well, when you eat that “Chocolate Triple Threat” dessert there is a ton of sugar running around and your body needs to cope with it before you become blind or something, so the pancreas releases insulin to manage that and it becomes a priority. If you are a professional athlete and you just completed your couple of hours of strenuous training your body will use the sugar to restore glycogen in the muscles (and liver), in every other situation (99% of the situations for us, mere mortals) your reservoirs of glycogen are full (because, let’s face it, not much energy has been burnt playing Call of Duty) so our body can’t process all that sugar and the command is “ok, let’s store it as fat”. Yes, sugar is stored as fat, so join the dots, you can eat those silly “low fat” foods that taste like cardboard, or eat only “diet” products (that are mainly carbohydrates, but hey, 0% fat!) and you store fat in a worse way that if you ate some pork ribs, because, basically, when you trigger insulin your body enters in a “store fat” phase, so you won’t burn those love handles. Icing the cake, the hormones that burn fat are insulin sensitive so when there is insulin wandering the streets our “burn fat” allies are not active. And yes, they don’t tell you that part when they sell you that awful “low fat” food. But regarding the main topic here, the thing is that if your body needs to release tons of insulin, testosterone fades into the background. But, if you keep your insulin in check, not indulging in sweets and carbs, your testosterone (and your fat loss efforts) won’t suffer that much. If we take a look at how we are eating nowadays this is a bigger problem than we think, because, in time, with too much sugar you can develop insulin resistance, a condition where so much insulin has been released (due to constant ingestion of sugar and carbs) that it become useless, it can not do its job anymore, in the same way that when you use anything too much their effects disappear in time. As you can imagine insulin resistance is related with low testosterone 7 . The next step can be diabetes, and we saw in the beginning how bad it is for testosterone and for life in general. Not much to laugh here, I know, especially when we are bombarded with messages about how “healthy diet” means eating carbs and cutting fat… looking at how obesity and diabetes run rampant today something is really wrong here… and we become castrated in the process. 7 Increasing Insulin Resistance Is Associated with a Decrease in Leydig Cell Testosterone Secretion in Men Nelly Pitteloud, Megan Hardin, Andrew A. Dwyer, Elena Valassi, Maria Yialamas, Dariush Elahi and Frances J. Hayes 12