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The Testosterone Report In fact, as we will see, many “healthy” recommendations hinder our testosterone production and boost our estrogens, which is not very good when your plan is still being a male in the next years. I’m going to stop now because I don’t want to stress you. You know, stress can put a stranglehold to your testosterone too, and I don’t want that, it’s not my goal to instill more fear because I want you to sleep well tonight, main reason being that lack of good sleep will decimate your testosterone too and… oh damn, those were two more reasons right? Yeah, testosterone is surrounded by enemies and circling the wagons… But it’s time to fight back, right now. Hitting from every angle Because many things can influence our testosterone, and many times we can not even point fingers because it’s a sum of subtle causes, our counterattack has to be global, it has to be a way of life, so the results are sustainable in the long term. In order to optimize the results we must hit back in many levels (physical and mental) because we don’t want just to push back the bully, we want a carpet bombing and a couple of nukes. That’s what (supposedly) high testosterone males would do, right? We can not control everything, but there are two things that we surely can: ✓ Diet. ✓ Lifestyle. Diet is really a component of our lifestyle, but it’s so important by itself that it deserves special attention. Diet has profound effects in hormones, as it has been demonstrated countless times, so that will be our main weapon. We are going to introduce changes in those components and we will outline in easy steps what worked best for me (and for others according the scientific studies we are going to see). What you can expect This is not an overnight miracle and I can not guarantee anything, I’d love to, but I can’t, in fact, if someone tries to, please run (hey, in the opposite direction, please). 10