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The Testosterone Report Many times I thought: “everybody (or at least every man) should know this, how can it be so important and so unknown?”. And because of that you are reading this. Hormones 101 Ok, every study and text I’ve researched about this is boring and dry as hell, but, as I’ll try in every page, I’ll explain this in layman terms, even if it means sacrificing a little bit of academic accuracy. Hormones are crucial for our well being, but they are total unknowns to the general public. We talk about calories, cholesterol and the like, but hormones don’t get much publicity, which is a shame, because they are much more important for critical issues than other things we worry about constantly (thanks TV and hidden economic agendas, we know you have our well being in your heart). There are lots of hormones, but testosterone, insulin, cortisol and estrogens are the main ones we are going to talk about here. They have a role in our bodies and the thing is: when a healthy balance between them is altered they wreak havoc. Our bodies generate hormones for every reason under the sun: you need to put up with your asshole boss and his shenanigans, so your body generates cortisol. You have just eaten that million calories ice cream, so insulin is needed to take care of sugar in your blood… You finally will have sex with that gorgeous girl because you impressed her doing two things at once… pray your body has generated enough testosterone. The thing is, our body is an amazing machine that adapts very well, and can sustain much of the abuse we put it through because we are fans of Jackass, but our habits, age, some environmental conditions and our lifestyle heavily condition our hormone production. And this is one of the keys: in general, if our body needs to create one kind of hormone it tends to “sacrifice” another. Imagine a factory with limited resources, if you need to create lots of hormones of one kind, you tend to shut down another because our body is amazing but not almighty. And, for what interest us, testosterone gets shut down or counteracted if we release too much of the other hormones we will talk about. And because you are smart, you start to see that if you want more testosterone, you will have to check your cortisol, insulin, estrogen levels… But before we get to that, and in order to optimize our testosterone production, it’s necessary to explain a little bit how testosterone is created and what is it. 6