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The Testosterone Report My story (don’t worry, it’s brief) The day it all started, I was really hangover in the front seat of a friend’s car, I did not sleep the night before, partying hard with some other friends and finally getting the girl that I liked for some time, it was meant to be a night of champions but it ended being a night of shame. (I don’t usually party very much and I’m not a ladies man, by far, because of that it made everything more painful). Truth be told I had so much tequila in my body that Mexico called to make me their favorite son, but the thing is that my sex drive was not there for me that night and I was deeply ashamed. In the beginning I tried to brush it off because, you know, you can’t ask too much if you have a booze ocean inside, you are not a teenager anymore, but I’m so obsessive that I worried, and worried, and worried a little more, so I started to join some dots. Reflecting about the issue I realized it was not only one night, my sex drive was low since months ago, I did not remember very well having morning erections, or at least as hard and frequent as before, and when I started keeping count, more often than not they were not there or nothing to brag about. Something beyond too much shots one night was happening, and I started to measure my performance. You know, as men we say we are always ready, in fact many times I only needed an innocent hug from a girl I liked to start feeling something between the legs (yes, I had to do that ridiculous maneuver of moving back my hips a little, but I know you know that). Now that was gone and my hardness (that costed me much more than I remembered) was not going to win any contests. I could perform when needed but I realized that I was far from being Wolverine. Besides that, I was more apathetic than ever, unmotivated, always in a crappy mood and I could not focus in anything, I blamed mainly my job, but little I knew that was going to dramatically change too when I recovered my sex drive. My passion, in every sense, was gone, and that’s not way to live. I knew that hormones tend to call it quits when you age, but come on, in your mid-thirties and when you are healthy and relatively fit? And so fast? No way that was natural. And what the hell! Even if it was, I was not going down without a fight! It robbed me a girl that I was pursuing for long time and, even more important, it was making my life miserable because it felt like a succession of ordinary, grey days. As my mixed martial arts instructor says, “Ni free shots, if you get hit, make them pay for it”. It’s a shame that we only wake up when we really hit rock bottom, so in my typical fashion I tried to learn all that I could about this, devouring information, reading really bizarre scientific studies that, believe me, bore me to tears most of the time, but I discovered some facts that gave me millions (and millions) of “a-ha” moments. 5