eRacing Magazine Vol 2. Issue 9 - Page 59

Alex Rossi has finally been given a ride in a Formula 1 team. It’s a historic moment for persistent F1 fans in the US, as if the signal was finally given to stop holding their breath. So for Sarrazin, how about that his brief stint in the ‘99 season of F1? After some time as a test driver for Prost Grand Prix, he was called up for just one race with Minardi in Brazil. He responds with regret: “In fact I did a wrong choice when I was in F1. I was with Minardi, but I preferred to stop because I was with Prost. I was following him a lot and I said, ‘I don’t drive for you.’ In fact, it was a mistake.”

The Frenchman doesn’t skip a beat as he recalls his younger days; “I should have continued with him. But I was alone, no manager, 23 years old… it was difficult to make a choice. But Prost at this time was my boss. I should have run for him the year after, but in fact he didn’t do good the year after. I lost a good opportunity at this time, and it’s difficult to go back to F1 after you go out. I would have continued for sure with Minardi. But that’s life. Now I’m back here, a lot of endurance races, rally, I do many things with my passion.”

Sarrazin doesn’t appear to have any intention of slowing down. He’s committed to a full-time drive in WEC and Formula E. Add World Rally Championship races to that’s a full plate no matter what your age.

And the next milestone? What does he expect to be doing at 45? “I don’t know. It’s too far to think about. I hope that I don’t have to stop, but I have time, I’m still very fortunate and very fit. I hope to win Le Mans soon - it’s my main target.”