eRacing Magazine Vol 2. Issue 9 - Page 3

Volume 2 Issue 9

Published Oct 2015

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Editor: Trent Price

Managing Editor: Ernie Black

Art Editor: Diana Rosica

WEC Correspondent: Alex Goldschmidt

Asian Correspondent: Abhishek Takle

Special Contributor: James Newbold

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Contributors - Vol 2 Issue 9

James Newbold's enthusiasm for sports car racing knows no bounds and is a regular freelance contributer to and Red Bull Motorsport.

A renowned WEC photographer, Richard Washbrooke graces eRacing Mag with his pectacular images from the Battersea Park Formula E finale. Check his blog at

A devotee of maths and engineering, Stefan Ruitenburg is a resident technical correspodent on F1 and endurance racing. If it has an engine he'll have a view on it.

Ernesto Nigro (aka Ernie Black@TheF1Poet) is the author of Formula One Book of Poetry. FIA accredited, Ernesto is the North American editor of RichlandF1 and columnist at F1Plus and The Times

Danielle Crespo - Austin-based motorsports hospitality & logistics broker (@AustinSuitePass) primarily for F1 & MotoGP suites and events. Austin WEC correspondant for eRacing Magazine.