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Dear Reader...

Thank you again for the very warm welcome so far and the incredible feedback on our first issue! The support of our readers and those who work within the equine industry is massively appreciated as we work hard to get this venture off the ground and into your inbox!

The Equine Transition is made unique by our fantastic industry contributors who share their insights and experiences working in the equine industry and this issue I'm thrilled we feature five wonderful contributors from across the globe!

We're based in the UK and as times are uncertain to say the least here at the moment, this Spring Issue has taken on a general theme of successfully dealing with change! We also have articles on using UK based qualifications to move abroad - see pages 14 to 19. The changes seen in the industry over the last 30 years, see pages 32 to 35, guidance on submitting your best possible job application (pages 8 to 13) and interview preparation (from page 36).

We are digitally publishing the Equine Transition on a quarterly basis and intend to grow with each issue. I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to be involved or have any feedback! You can contact me by email at sarah@equinetransition.com

Thank you!


Sarah Watson - Editor

Equine Transition / 7

Issue #02

APRIL 2019 | Editor's Note