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april 2019 | career success

Analysis of others in competition with you is ok, however, a direct comparison to others is not. There is no comparison between yourself and anyone else. Unless you have the exact same circumstances, experience, skills, qualifications and even career path. Comparison simply adds unnecessary judgement and self-doubt. Keep your thoughts in analysis mode and think about your skills and experience, where you’d like to take your career next, what you need to do to make it happen and create a plan to achieve it. Keep it to just a few things to progress (a maximum of three) to help you focus on actually executing your plan and achieving your goals.

There’s always something to improve upon which is often where our focus lies, however, if something didn’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped, there will still have been something positive to come out of it, something that you’ve learnt or improved which will help you will realise your hard work is paying off.

Focusing on the negative often takes it out of perspective.

For example, if you had a day where a couple of important tasks didn’t go as planned and you had to rethink how to achieve your outcome, it can be easy to end up thinking the day was awful. Try to focus on the positives, such as how well you responded to a changing situation and think about how you can go back and work to make further improvements. Next time, it’ll work out better because of your experience.

#3 Competitor Analysis Not Comparison

#4 Retain Perspective