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april 2019 | career success

#1 Make Your goals personal or process-based

After you’ve set your main career product goal such as get a new job, to work at a particular company or to gain a qualification, creating a series of smaller process-based aims within each goal will help you define the steps needed to achieve it. The exact process-based aims you put in place should be designed to measure success in a supportive manner and help reduce anxiety and nerves around important career moments.

Product goals are often outside of our control, such as getting the job or securing a place on a sought after course. Placing your focus on product goals alone can be demoralising and reduce your chances of achieving them. We can, however, give ourselves the best possible chance to achieve these product goals through process goals.

Process-based goals are aims such as to improve interview technique, or to learn a new skill, they are small things that you’re able to judge and keep within your control. You can put in place a plan to keep improving and can identify when you’ve achieved them. For example, when interviewing for a job you really want, making your goal to ‘get the job’ is too broad to be helpful and it’s an outcome which you don’t have full control over! Instead, if you go with the smaller goal and different intention to ‘improve interview technique’ this instantly reduces the stress of the situation and provides a positive focus and something against which you can gauge your success regardless of the outcome. Added to that, this approach will likely lead to a greater chance of getting the job due to an improved interview technique and less anxiety.

#2 Have clear goals