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january 2019 | horse riding lessons

6 Tips for Career Success

and Overcoming Setbacks

Over the years and through my involvement with competitors in all disciplines and at all levels (right up to the very top), I see many hard working competitors let nerves or desperation to perform at their best cause them to become tense, distracted or flustered. Mistakes creep in and they end up giving one of their worst performances when it really matters. The same can be said when it comes to important steps in your career.

Anxiety or nerves are very common in both riding performance and career advancement but it’s how you deal with it that matters and fortunately this is a set of skills which can be learnt. However, working out how to combat it alone can take many years. Coaching helps you fast-track this process by effectively learning from other people's experiences so here are my top tips to help you to be successful in your career and deal with setbacks...

Jenni Winter is a Master Mindset and Performance Psychology Coach who helps riders of all levels improve their mental strength, overcome fears, perform at their very best and consistently achieve improved results. She combines her love for the equestrian world and her ability as a talent coach into her business, Flying Changes Coaching. Here Jenni applies her many years experience of nurturing talent and mindset coaching to share her top tips on how to overcome setbacks and strive for career success...

By Jenni Winter of Flying Changes Coaching