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Before moving on though, perhaps analyse more deeply why you're disenchanted by the industry? Is it the industry, or is it something else? It could be that one or two of your jobs weren’t what you’d hoped they’d be? Or maybe there aren’t many options available to you within your area? Could you target a different area of the industry? Different types of companies or different kinds of roles? Is there a role or organisation within the industry you would like?

Think about where you are now, where you'd like to be and how you could go about getting there. You might need to go a slightly longer way about it, and that’s fine, not all careers progress in a nice neat upward trajectory!

It’s often said that success looks different for different people and it’s so incredibly true. It also looks different dependent on what stage of life you’re at, your dreams, ambitions and how you want to spend your day at 20 is vastly different to at 40 or 50. Your drive and commitment to your career might be stronger when it’s your main focus and key measurement of how successful you feel. Later on, the happiness of your children may well overtake as your key measurement, levelled off with the ability to provide for them and your own ability to take smaller steps towards career development.

So, you need to do what’s best for you at this moment in time, consider the options, the long-term implications, what you could learn outside the industry, how easy it would be to come back, if indeed you feel you might like to one day. Take any opportunity that helps you progress and gets you to where you’d like to be. Put aside any self-judgement about what you “should” be doing and forget about what anyone else might think! All you need to know is what you’re doing and why you’re doing it...we wish you the very best of luck with your next steps and thank you for the question.

Yes, in the ideal world the equine industry would give you everything you ever dreamed of, however when it hasn’t...it’s best to move onwards and upwards elsewhere, stay happy, stay motivated and perhaps one day there’ll be a suitable opening to move back into the industry. Any decision is as permanent as you make it. You can always take what you learn elsewhere and bring it back for the good of your own personal development and the eventual good of the equine industry.

So, the best way to approach a decision such as this, is to check with your instinct and ask yourself what feels right for you at this point?

Remember and know, there is absolutely no failure in choosing a completely different career path. It might not be how you imagined your career panning out, however you've still achieved a lot and learnt a great deal, all of which can be applied to a job in any industry.

You’ll need to get clear on the kind of job you'd like and the career progress you’d hope to make. If you think you’d like to return to the industry, give some thought to how your new skills can be applied to equine industry roles at a later date.

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