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In this section we answer any specific career related questions that come in from readers. All questions are answered anonymously. We’re looking to cover many topics on issues facing readers in their professional life, this could be making decisions, dealing with difficult colleagues, making career changes, stresses at work or many other areas.

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There are a number of things to consider however, it all comes down to one thing...what’s best for you, both now and in the longer-term? You could start by asking yourself honestly, how you feel about leaving the industry? There are various ways to look at it, some people might feel to leave the equine industry behind makes their career to date a waste, others might view the widening of employment prospects as a fantastic thing. I would be inclined to see it as a very good thing.

I’ve worked in the horse industry for 15 years, I’ve done various things from office jobs to working practically with horses in the UK and abroad. However, I don't seem to be getting anywhere and find that I'm disillusioned with finding a successful way forward. Should I look for work in a different industry?