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april 2019 | staffing crisis

Equine Transition / 49

Your Employer is Human

Employers can get a raw deal. People seem to be of the view that business owners should get it right all the time, have all the answers and are immune to harsh criticism. Let’s remember they’re still people! Who’ve taken the worthy decision to put everything they’ve got into building something and along the way, choose to take you with them. It’s the business owners who create opportunities and they should be supported.

Vote With Your Feet

There are many fantastic employers, however, as in any walk of life, there are some people who won’t give you the respect you deserve. You need to set yourself up in a good situation, if you can’t improve it...you don’t need it. Vote with your feet and move on if you’re not happy.

Start at the "Bottom"

If you’re just starting out, remember the "bottom" is the best place to be. No matter what course you’ve done, qualification received, ideas or aspirations.

The bottom is the absolute best place to start. You need to start with solid foundations and this is where you’ll find it. It’s all about working your way up.

You’ll actually miss out in many ways if you try to leapfrog this bit and start higher up the ladder. The friends and contacts you make at the bottom are genuine and will last a lifetime. The experience is irreplaceable and will stand you in fantastic stead to follow almost any career path.

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